What a sustainable utility pole entails

First a brief explanation as to what ‘utility’ entails is required. This should help new readers unfamiliar with its practical advantages become properly acclimatized if you will. To be utilitarian means that you are resourceful and self-sustainable in the work place and on the home front. To be self-sufficient means that you are able to maintain your productive processes independently, often including creative methods to help maintain your success and create new opportunities towards self-made profitability.

How does that strike you? Is the explanation so far any good or any use? And does it serve as something of a motivation for you in your own areas of domestic or commercial life? Your success is also influenced by the tools and materials that you use. At some stage or another, perhaps it happened on several occasions, over the last hundred years or so since rapid industrialization truly took off, the use of wood was frowned upon, mainly by environmentalists and those we have fondly referred to as tree huggers.

There was some truth in this matter. The mass use of wood, mainly commercially and industrially, was having a negative impact on scarce forest resources. But today, all that has changed. Forests, indigenous and new, are growing and they are flourishing. Wood is still being used, mind you. It can be. Because it is being used sustainably now. Every industrial complex owner and farmer needs utility poles for sustainable infrastructural requirements. And they are being well catered for by their local utility pole supplier.

He, in turn, is supplying all domestic DIY exponents and industrialists with their raw materials in the most sustainable manner possible. Not only are forests being protected but built-in longevity helps all and sundry save money as well.