Summer Vacation Planning

Summer is almost here! The first thing to do to prepare the perfect vacation is to plan ahead. Do not wait until the last minute, because if you do, you will forget important things and stress. Also, if you do it on time you can save money and find deals. If you are planning a trip by plane you should buy the ticket well in advance so you can find it at an affordable price. The difference in how much you end up spending can be astonishing.

Also, if you are looking ahead of time you can compare prices with other airlines or Internet sites where they sell tickets. The same goes for hotels: if you book with time you are more likely to find space and options to choose from and it will come cheaper than if you make it at the last minute. Something very important to know is that you will save more if you book and shop online, than if you do it in person. If you arrive at the airport and buy the ticket there, the price will be sky high. You will get good deals on otherwise expensive places like luxury vacation villas if you make sure to book ahead of time and compare prices with similar places in the area.

Make a list of emergency numbers.  Like the police, the firemen, as well as that of a friend who can rescue you, in case the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Tell your relatives where you will be and, if possible, the hotel phone number. It is important for someone to know where we will be, especially if you are going to camp in a remote area or travel by car to unknown places.